General Criteria

    • We ship throughout Italy, including the islands (an additional cost will be charged for the islands, see table below).
    • Shipping takes place strictly after payment confirmation in the chosen mode.
    • 5Natura has an automated logistics service that chooses the best carrier to use for shipping, depending on the type of order received (weight/volume) and the geographical area of ​​shipment. Therefore the courier in charge of the delivery could vary according to the above conditions.
  • An email will be sent with confirmation of shipment occurred the same day the package leaves our warehouse. The email contains the shipment data and the link to follow it in real time (tracking code).




    Peninsula Italy and major islands

    Minor islands Venice, Elba

    Minor islands Other islands


    Cash on delivery

    Up to €47

    8,70 €

    + 6,00 €

    + 10,00 €

    42,70 €

    +7,00 €

    Above 47 €


    + 6,00 €

    + 10,00 €

    42,70 €

    +7,00 €

    Gel cavalli

    + 4,90 € (1 pz)

    Free (>1pc)

    + 6,00 €

    + 10,00 €

    42,70 €

    +7,00 €

    • Payment is expected on delivery by CASH ON DELIVERY with a surcharge of €7.00
    • 5Naturae can activate free shipping on some or all products as a marketing initiative, can activate and deactivate it without notice and at its sole discretion.



    Confirm payment (general summary)

      • All types of digital payment are almost immediate and therefore confirmation times are to be considered within 6 hours.
      • For payment by bank transfer, the timing is linked to the type of bank used (24/72 hours);
      • Therefore the timing of the delivery will slip by 1-3 days (linked to the receipt of payment confirmation);
  • PLEASE NOTE: in case of payment by bank transfer, send the payment slip to to speed up the picking and shipping procedure, which otherwise would not start until our account is actually credited.


    Product packaging (picking)

    For orders received before 12:00

    • product picking and shipping take place during the day (barring unforeseen events).

    For orders received after 12:00

    • product picking on the same day, shipment scheduled for the following day (barring unforeseen circumstances).

    For orders received after 12.00 on Friday or until 12.00 on Monday

    • product picking and shipping take place on the first working day (barring unforeseen circumstances).



    Delivery times


    Italian peninsula

    Major Islands

    smaller islands

    Express courier

    1/2 working days

    3/4 working days

    5/7 working days


    • Delivery times may vary, even significantly, according to the destination (islands and disadvantaged areas).



    Delivery methods

    • The courier will make 3 delivery attempts to the address indicated in the order;
    • It is very probable (but not mandatory) that the carrier will try to contact the user by telephone to agree on the delivery time and/or date.

    In case of unavailability after the third delivery attempt

    • The package will return to the shipping branch waiting for the customer to carry out the manual collection at the courier's office;
    • The withdrawal can be made by the customer from the carrier without any surcharge for 7 days;
    • After 7 days of storage, a surcharge of €10 will be applied;
    • Any additional storage costs do not depend in any way on 5Naturae (they are beyond our control), they are possibly managed directly by the driver, nothing is due from 5 Nature;
    • Negative reviews and claims for additional charges will be irrevocably silenced/removed.

    Failure to withdraw definitively

    • In the event of non-collection, 5Naturae will arrange for the return by courier and we will bear the costs of returning and recovering the product;
    • If you order with advance payment, will be returned to the customer only 50% of the general amount of the order, as a penalty for the reimbursement of expenses incurred;
    If you order with cash on delivery, the user account will be suspended indefinitely or until the payment of the shipping and payment handling costs.