Natural well-being for you and your pet: discover 5Naturae.

We are a manufacturing company natural products for the care and well-being of animals and people. Our products are formulated with raw materials of natural origin and are completely free from harmful chemicals for the environment and for health. 5Naturae's goal is to promote one healthy and sustainable lifestyle through the care of nature and our body.

Founder: Natalia

Hi, I'm Natalia Antonino and I'm the founder of 5^ Nature (it is written 5^Naturae but reads quinta Natura). I'm here to tell you my story and the story of my company.

Before being an entrepreneur, I was a mother and like all mothers I learned to be careful about what I use to take care of my three daughters. As often happens, life presented me with some difficulties that I overcame by questioning myself and always raising my head. I understood that beauty exists in every aspect of existence, in myself, in those around me, in nature, in the will to live and this is how I gave impetus to this new adventure.

I am a sincere and direct person and I love living among people. I love the beauty that nature selflessly offers us every day and I am an incorrigible altruist; I always try to help those who are close to my path.

Like everyone in the world, I have had to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic and the change it has brought to our lives. Holding close to what I love most in the world, my daughters and leveraging my inner strength, I found the momentum and inspiration to start a new business.

That's how I created a laboratory of “tailored cosmetics” in which I create customized and tailored products for the needs of each of our corporate customers and our brand product lines. All projects and products are made in an emotional key to create a complete beauty and well-being experience that concerns not only the external appearance, but also the inner balance.

I want to offer products that not only nourish the skin and hair, but also contribute significantly to mental and spiritual well-being, all starting from natural and organic ingredients. All raw materials are selected with care and attention, eliminating or limiting as much as possible the use of chemical or synthetic raw materials. Thanks to my stubbornness, our products are made using the latest cosmetic production methods, comply with the highest quality standards and offer an excellent degree of innovation and eco-friendly innovations, thanks to a very specific company protocol.

My goal is to offer my customers a unique and personalized experience, meeting their needs and respecting the environment. I want to create a relationship of trust and collaboration with each client, listening to the needs of body and soul and creating tailor-made products for them.

I am convinced that it is time to "change the world", there is so much need for happiness and serenity, I think I can do my part in my little restarting from myself one smile at a time and I hope to make my mood go viral. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to question myself several times to get to redesign this new activity and I hope to reach more and more people, more and more women, and more mothers. I know there will be challenges to face, but I am ready to face them with courage and determination.

But my mission doesn't stop there, I want to offer support and advice to mothers who put themselves on the line, who are dedicated to taking care of their children, but who often lose sight of their potential and forget to take care of themselves. I like to think I can be an inspiration for those who want to create something of their own, for those who want to create a reality that is useful, for all the women who struggle every day to gain their space in life and in society. I try to do all of this by offering products and services that target the depths of every person, every woman (and every man, why not!) with the aim of making us feel more and more beautiful and at ease in any situation that life throws at us offers.

I am very proud to have founded this company, to contribute to the creation of natural products yes, but also sustainable ones with a pinch of inventiveness. I hope I can count on your trust and support.

Thank you very much for reading me, I hope to meet you soon so that we can infect each other with our passions and our stories.