Terms of sale



Acceptance of conditions of sale

With the act of purchase and payment, the Customer confirms acceptance of the Terms of Contact and Sale.





Contact conditions for placing an order

  • They are active automatic tracking procedures of the order to provide you with a better delivery service.
  • Always indicate your best email address to be promptly updated on order tracking and check the box you communicated.
  • For a better availability also include a telephone number for any delivery agreements or recontact in case of unforeseen events. It is possible that you will be contacted by telephone by 5Naturae or by the delivery driver.





Sending management specifications

  • 5Natura has an automated logistics service that chooses the best carrier to use for shipping, depending on the type of order received (weight/volume) and the geographical area of ​​shipment. Therefore the courier in charge of the delivery could vary according to the above conditions.
  • The product is sent sealed and packaged in absolutely safe and compliant cardboard boxes/packages (as required by our procedure to reduce environmental impact).





Right of withdrawal (Article 52 Consumer Code for consumer protection)

  • Withdrawal times (Without giving any reasons)

Within 14 days from the effective delivery date;

Send timely notice to assistenza@5naturae.it

  • Method of withdrawal
  • The withdrawal can take place only and exclusively by mailing and NON for direct delivery;

    The shipping address is: 5Naturae Via Pisacane 137- 61032 Fano (PU);

    It is possible to reuse the original packaging or use another packaging of your choice;

    The forwarding/delivery of the order is the total management, responsibility and cost of the customer.

  • Customer obligations
  • Communication timely (within 14 days) the will of withdrawal by mail to assistenza@5naturae.it ;

    Make the return (or deliver to a third party, authorized by the seller) without undue delay;

    Do not open, alter, modify, use (even partially) the product or products, which must be returned sealed;

    Send back the goods before the expiry of the 14th day (ask the post office or courier for proof of delivery on time and send it to us by email).

  • Obligations of 5Naturae
  • Accept without requests any further communication of withdrawal, provided that it is received in the manner indicated in the previous points;

    Repay all payments received within 14 days from receipt of the returned product by re-crediting the amount using the same means of payment (or other means, only if directly agreed).





    Refund method

    • Shipping/redelivery costs for the first shipment NON are never refunded (the refunded amount will be reduced by the cost of shipping the product indicated in the order);
    • Return to the 5Naturae headquarters is not considered part of the refund;
    • Before the refund is issued, all returned products will be checked;
    • If the return shipping methods (timescales and conditions) are respected, the refund will be issued less the first shipment costs.





    Failure to collect on first delivery attempt

    • The courier will notify 5Naturae of a "failed first delivery".

    Next delivery

    • The courier will make another two attempts (total 3 attempts) to deliver to the address indicated in the order;
    • It is very probable (but not mandatory) that the carrier will try to contact the user by telephone to agree on the delivery time and/or date.

    In case of unavailability after the third delivery attempt

    • The package will return to the shipping branch waiting for the customer to carry out the manual collection at the courier's office;
    • The withdrawal can be made by the customer from the carrier without any surcharge for 7 days;
    • After 7 days of storage, a surcharge of €10 will be applied;
    • Any additional storage costs do not depend in any way on 5Naturae (they are beyond our control), they are possibly managed directly by the driver, nothing is due from 5 Nature;
    • Negative reviews and claims for additional charges will be irrevocably silenced/removed.

    Failure to withdraw definitively

    • In the event of non-collection, 5Naturae will arrange for the return by courier and we will bear the costs of returning and recovering the product;
    • If you order with advance payment, will be returned to the customer only 50% of the general amount of the order, as a penalty for the reimbursement of expenses incurred;
    • If you order with cash on delivery, the user account will be suspended indefinitely or until the payment of the shipping and payment handling costs.





    Upon receipt of the order

    • It is in the Customer's interest to check the integrity of the package upon delivery and assess the presence of damage and/or packaging/product tampering;
    • In the unfortunate event that you receive a damaged package it is fine report the anomalies to the courier by carefully checking the package;
    • If possible, it is good practice to open it in the presence of the courier's representative;
    • Always report anomalies found in the packaging and possibly also in the content in the delivery note;
    • Conditional acceptance, you can accept the shipment"with reserve", is a mode that allows you to check the integrity of the content at a later time; N.B. This hypothesis also applies in the event that the courier does not find anyone at home and the Customer personally collects the order at the shipping centre.

    In case of "problems" what to do immediately

    • Document with photos and/or videos, if it was not possible to verify the integrity of the goods upon collection, unpack the package and document the operations with photos and/or videos. In the event of problems, it will be easier to demonstrate the responsibility of the carrier and/or the manufacturer, refusing the order to the courier and contesting it;
    • Contact 5Naturae promptly according to the preferred method (we recommend the email assistenza@5naturae.it) providing a description of what happened;
    • We are responsible for damages suffered by the order during transport, therefore it is advisable to immediately report the damage found;
    • It is advisable to carefully document the problem related to the bad shipping method, to put us in a position to quickly resolve the problem.





    Any Legal Dispute will be managed at the court of PESARO - PU 

    REVIEWS and COMMENTS online negatives released for:

    • order management with unexpected delivery
    • delivery times too long
    • non-collection
    • collection at the driver's office
    • additional charges for delivery/re-delivery
    THEY WILL BE REMOVED FULLY as independent of our will.