La rivoluzione della cosmetica veterinaria per la cura dei cavalli

The revolution in veterinary cosmetics for horse care

Horses are wonderful animals that give us a lot. They are loving and noble creatures, but they also require a lot of care to keep them healthy and happy. One of the most important aspects of their care is veterinary cosmetics.


What is veterinary cosmetics?

Veterinary cosmetics is a branch of cosmetics that deals with the care of the skin and hair of animals. These are products specifically formulated for animals, different from those for humans, which help maintain the health of the skin and hair of horses.

The importance of veterinary cosmetics for horses

Horses' skin and coat are very sensitive and can easily become red, irritated or prone to dermatitis if not cared for properly. Veterinary cosmetics help prevent these problems and keep the skin and coat of horses healthy and in good condition.

The veterinary cosmetics of 5Naturae

5Naturae is a company specialized in the production of high quality natural veterinary cosmetics for horses. All of their products are formulated with natural and organic ingredients, without any chemicals harmful to the animal.

At Quinta Naturae in the production of references for veterinary use, the same production rigor that we apply for cosmetics for human use.

The advantages of 5Naturae products

The use of 5Naturae products can bring many benefits for horses. Veterinary cosmetics can help prevent sweet itch, improve coat health, protect the skin from irritation and redness, and much more.


Horse skin and coat care is of paramount importance to their health and happiness. 5Naturae veterinary cosmetics offers high quality and natural products that can help keep the skin and coat of horses healthy and in good condition.

Try 5Naturae products and give your horse the best that nature has to offer.

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